Monday, 6 February 2012

What a Day

Well I am not a Happy Bunny today. The snow although starting to dissapear is still very heavy on the paths and I had to go to the Postoffice collection office and nearly slipped so have jarred my back and its in a lot of pain. Could have been worse I could have actually fell. My craft class has been cancelled due to the weather so and I really look forward to going there. I just hope the snow dissapears quickly so there is no more disruptions. Why cant we have a climate where we have no snow or bad weather that would be great, ideal even lol.
Any way I am trying to get my mind working so I can at least do some cards at home as I have loads of stuff and must start trying to do more. The weather puts such a dampner on things though and I am sure it takes away my mojo.
I hope you are all having a better day than me any way


  1. Am now following you Dawn. Be careful when you are out in this weather - I fell at the beginning of December and broke my wrist so its easily done!

    Catherine x

  2. Thank you Catherine, a lot of the snow seems to have disapeared now at least on the roads but there is still a lot on the paths that had turned to ice. I have been busy today making a pram and box. x